Electronic Design

Multiband Filters Feature Multiple Pass Bands

Suitable for simultaneous viewing of multiple fluorophores, the company’s multiband filters feature multiple pass bands. The filters are hard coated and mount in a 25-mm diameter black anodized housing. Multiband filters are available in eight different dual band models with pass band wavelengths from 387 nm and 480 nm to 577 nm and 690 nm.  Five models of tri-band filters are offered with pass band wavelengths from 387.5 nm, 478 nm, and 555.5 nm to 465 nm, 537 nm, and 623 nm. Four quad-band filters are available with pass band wavelengths from 387 nm, 485 nm, 559.5 nm, and 649.5 nm to 446 nm, 523.5 nm, 600 nm, and 667 nm. EDMUND OPTICS INC., Barrington, NJ. (800) 363-1992.

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