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Multilayer Power Inductor Shrinks To Unprecedented Size

Multilayer Power Inductor Shrinks To Unprecedented Size

TDK Corp. claims its MP1005M1R0D multilayer power inductor in a 1.0- by 0.5- by 0.7-mm IEC 1005 case is the smallest available. As a result, says the company, the device’s footprint and volume are about 60% smaller than existing 1.6- by 0.8- by 0.8-mm products. Rated inductance and rated current are 1.0 µH and 500 mA, respectively. The latter, which is high for a 1005-size inductor, is possible thanks to use of a low-loss ferrite material. Due to its greater power-supply efficiency, it will find homes in range of communications applications, such as smartphones, tablet PCs, digital cameras, and other mobile devices, as well as a wide variety of power-supply modules.


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