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New Coolers Offer Thermal Relief For GHz Processors

As microprocessor speeds reach and exceed the GHz level, thermal-related issues relating to the operation of these ICs have become ever more difficult to deal with. Not only is there the challenge of developing devices that can keep these super-fast µPs from overheating, there are also issues concerning the noise, weight and reliability of the coolers.
Enter ArctiCoolers, a new class of coolers that is said to overcome these problems for IA-32 and similar processors. The two ArctiCoolers introduced here include the Model CC for introductory Pentium 4 Willamette processors and Model CB for all Willamettes and introductory Foster µPs.
Consisting of a dual ball-bearing fan, integrated heatsink, base plate and thermal interface material, the fully-assembled ArctiCoolers are rated for 100,000 hr. of continuous operation. Model CC offers 0.43°C/W (case to air) at 12V and 0.67°C/W at 6V of thermal performance. Price: $7.80 each/100,000. The values for Model CB are 0.52°C/W and 0.33°C/W at 12V and 6V, respectively. It costs $10.50 each/100,000. Noise levels for both models are also low.

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