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New Generation Of Enclosures Boasts Of Gaggle Of New Or Improved Features

Claims of brand new features, sturdier and lighter weight construction, and greater versatility in installing and housing electronic systems are all made for the new, TS8 generation of enclosures. Topping the list of new features are use of both a symmetrical design and a new, patented 16-fold dual tubular frame in constructing the enclosures. These features enable enclosure components to be bayed in any configuration without using intermediate frames. Further, components of the same and different depths can be combined with one another. And the enclosure's sidewalls can be easily hinged to provide all-around access to the installed components.

TS8 enclosures provide two levels for installing equipment, and the plenum in between the enclosure's frame can be used for cable entry, ventilation, climate control, and other functions. The enclosures also boast of increased stability, lower weight, a four-point locking system on both single and double door enclosures, and use of grounding inserts to create a conductive connection to the frame.

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