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New SMD Oscillators Tout Low Current Consumption

A new low-voltage, surface mount clock oscillator has been designed to meet increasing demand for low current consumption devices. The XO91 oscillator now includes versions to operate with 1.8V and 2.5V supplies, complementing existing 3.3V and 5V models. The oscillator is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications including handheld and battery powered communications equipment, PDAs, GPS and wireless LAN. Maximum current consumption ranges from 8 to 25 mA for 1.8V units and from 10 to 30 mA for 2.5V devices depending on frequency. The XO91 comprises a TTL/CMOS compatible hybrid circuit and a miniature quartz crystal enclosed in a ceramic package measuring 5 mm x 7 mm. Available in the frequency range from 600 kHz to 125 MHz, the device is suitable for vapor-phase, infrared or epoxy mount techniques. Tristate function is provided as standard and can be disabled as required. Four frequency stability ranges include ±10 ppm, ±15 ppm, ±25 ppm and ±50 ppm, depending on temperature ranges. Specifications include duty cycle of 50% ±10% as standard, 15 pF CMOS output load, 10 LSTTL output load, startup time of up to 10 ms maximum, and aging of ±5 ppm maximum in the first year. Operating temperature ranges as wide as –55°C to +125°C. EUROQUARTZ LTD., Crewkerne, Somerset, UK. +44(0) 1460 230000.


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