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Ni-Based Energy Storage System Thrives In High-Temp Long-Life Apps

Ni-Based Energy Storage System Thrives In High-Temp Long-Life Apps

A hybrid technology combining the high-energy density of batteries and high power of supercapacitors drives VARTA Microbattery’s HVCAP35 nickel-based energy storage system. The system is designed to deliver long life in high-temperature, continuous standby, and charge/discharge operation. HVCAP35 rechargeable products can withstand a continuous charge at +70°C and discharge at +85°C. According to the company, the technology offers approximately 10X the energy density of traditional supercaps, leading to a typical capacitance rating of 100F. The system features a non-flammable aqueous electrolyte, and has a boiling point of 110°C (versus 82°C for traditional supercaps). The 24.1- by 34.1- by 3-mm cells have a failure rate of less than 5 ppm. Discharge rates extend to 3 A, and fast charge rate is up to 1 A. They can be recharged at any time without having to be fully discharged. Products can be charged using CC/CV or CC/CC. Applications include servers, automotive, instrumentation, medical, and consumer.


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