Nine-Axis Movement/Position Sensor Shrinks Nearly 35%

Nine-Axis Movement/Position Sensor Shrinks Nearly 35%

STMicroelectronic’s MEMS process technology plays a key role in the company’s LSM9DS1 movement/position sensor—it was used to fabricate the device’s 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and 3-axis magnetometer. As a result, the integrated device can detect linear acceleration, angular rate, and magnetic field to provide complete position- and movement-sensing data. They also offer true 9-degree-of-freedom sensing, rather than separate, uncoordinated data inputs. Each sensor can be powered down individually with automatic wake-up. The LSM9DS1 measures 3.5 by 3 by 1 mm (LGA packaging), which is about 35% smaller than previous generations. According to ST, its low-noise process technology helps push magnetometer resolution 30% higher, and reduces power consumption by 20%. Accelerometer zero-g offset drops below 100 milli-g, and typical gyroscope rate noise is 0.008 dps/√Hz at low full-scale. Typical operating current equals 2 mA. Applications include smart-TV remotes, game controllers, and wearable sports or medical sensors.


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