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Non-Contacting Rotary Position Sensors Endure Harsh Environs

Non-Contacting Rotary Position Sensors Endure Harsh Environs

Equipped with magnetic Hall Effect technology, two different non-contacting rotary position sensors developed by Bourns increase the product lifespan and reliability of applications operating in rugged environments. The single-turn AMS22U offers a rotational life of up to 100 million cycles. Its 1/8-in. shaft is supported by dual ball bearings. A factory-programmable electrical angle ranges from 10° to 360°. The multi-turn AMM20B has a rotational life of up to 50 million cycles, depending on the product and application. It features a slim profile package, 12-bit resolution, and a factory-programmable electrical angle from 1080° to 3600°. Applications include industrial commercial, medical, and automotive, such as patient platform position feedback, pneumatic control-valve position feedback, actuator motor position feedback, lift/shuttle suspension systems, and tilt-control feedback.


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