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OCXO Is HCMOS Compatible

Hermetically sealed in a 14-pin DIP, the C-W Model AGOF3S3 oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) provides a HCMOS-compatible output and meets stability requirements for Stratum 3 applications. Power consumption is below 1.5W at all times and frequency calibration at time of shipment is ±1.5 ppm. Operating from a single 3.3V supply, overall stability is ±0.25 ppm from 0ûC to 70ûC and ±4.6 ppm over 10 years. Jitter is specified as less than 5 psRMS. The component is available in frequencies of 1.544, 12.352, 12.8, 16.384 and 19.44 MHz. Price is less than $60 each in large quantities. CONNOR-WINFIELD CORP., Aurora, IL. (630) 851-4722.


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