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One-Dimensional PSD Detects Incident Light Angles

The S8158 circular one-dimensional position sensitive detector (PSD) detects incident light angles whose origin point is the center of the active area. This device precisely detects incident light angles through circular PSD terminals that detect the angle while a photodiode monitors the center position alignment.

The S8158 covers the 320- to 1100-nm spectral response range. It achieves peak photosensitivity of 0.55 A/W at 960 nm. With a dark current of 0.05 nA, the PSD's rise time is 10 µs. The device's active area is 0.54 mm on the inner diameter and 2.10 mm on the outer diameter. The S8158 functions over the operating-temperature range of -25°C to 85°C. And, it measures 0.025 by 7.9 by 4.1 mm.

With a delivery time of six to eight weeks, the S8158 costs $2.50 each in OEM quantities.

Hamamatsu Corp.
(800) 524-0504; http://usa.hamamatsu.com

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