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One Part Epoxy Meets NASA Low Outgassing Specs

One Part Epoxy Meets NASA Low Outgassing Specs

Targeting aerospace, optical, medical, and oil/chemical processing industries, Supreme 10AOHT-LO single-component, no-mix thermally-conductive epoxy meets NASA low outgassing specifications. It is formulated to cure at temperatures between 250°F and 300°F for one hour and operates over a temperature range from 4K to 400°F. Resistant to severe thermal cycling and many chemicals, including water, oil, and various fuels, the hardened adhesive exhibits a thermal conductivity of 9-10 BTU/in/ft²/hour/°F. Its Shore D hardness exceeds 75 and its compressive strength is greater than 15,000 psi. MASTER BOND INC., Hackensack, NJ. (201) 343-8983.


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