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One-Position Plug-And-Receptacle Assembly Eyes Outdoor LED Lighting

One-Position Plug-And-Receptacle Assembly Eyes Outdoor LED Lighting

TE Connectivity’s latest SlimSeal SSL connector provides an IP67-sealed, daisy-chained power connection between multiple LED modules in a single light fixture and the power source. The one-position plug-and-receptacle assembly comes in one, two, three, and four position sizes in free-hanging, wire-to-wire, and wire-to-board configurations. Surface-mount and through-hole versions are available, enabling assembly to surface-mount metal-clad and FR4 through-hole pc boards. The range of options leads to a number of possible low-power, sealed solutions for outdoor lighting applications, such as street, tunnel, wall wash, spot, flood, billboard, etc. Polarized connections eliminate the possibility of mis-mating connectors, and positive integral latching prevents inadvertent unmating of connectors. The connectors accept 18 to 20 AWG and 22 to 24 AWG stranded wire.


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