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Online Tool Helps Designers Quickly Customize Switches

Legend Maker is an online tool from NKK Switches created specifically to aid design engineers in panel design. The Legend Maker, offered exclusively by NKK, enables engineers faced with incorporating human interface into their products to customize switches and develop unique legend designs online (see the photo). It’s a simple online CAD tool that takes users step-by-step through the creation and specification process and then allows them the convenience of immediately proofing their legends.

Beginning with switch, cap type, print surface, orientation, color, and print method selection, the Legend Maker guides the user through the process. NKK offers screen printing, pad printing, and laser etching/engraving options. In addition, the company’s selection of cap designs allow engineers to mark the legend on the exterior of a cap, interior of a cap, or even to specify a three-piece cap assembly featuring the legend marked on the center filter.

Legend Maker most significantly reduces design time in the final step of legend selection. The user is prompted to input his own characters and text, font style and font size, or select from numerous images provided by NKK. For text legends, the user can select font styles and font sizes. After inputting the legend graphics, the user is presented with a proof of the legend that includes the exact specifications. The final step is a simple click of a button to submit the legend to NKK.

Prior to the Legend Maker, NKK used downloadable legend packets to guide engineers through the process. Legend packets are still available by request directly from NKK or can be downloaded from the company’s web site.

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