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Optical Encoder Features Light-Pipe Technology

The use of 100% hard-tooled parts and patented light-pipe technology for optical switching enables the Series 62AG optical encoder from Grayhill Inc. to be price-competitive with mechanical encoders at high production volumes while providing superior reliability and performance. The 62AG generates a 2-bit digital output to measure the magnitude and direction of the shaft or knob rotation. With the addition of the optional integrated pushbutton, the encoder is well suited for scrolling items from a list or menu and selecting the desired function. Typical applications include automotive, medical, test and measurement, and audio/video systems.

The device is terminated with a 4-in. cable/connector assembly. Customers can specify either 16 or 32 detent positions per rotation. The encoder can withstand harmonic motion with an amplitude of 15g within a varied frequency of 10 to 2000 Hz for 12 hours. It operates on 5 V dc, drawing a maximum of 30 mA. The device’s output is at least 3 V dc for a logic high and no more than 1 V dc for a logic low. Operating temperature ranges from –40°C to 85°C. The optically coupled switching allows the encoder to operate for more than 1 million rotational cycles, making it more durable than corresponding mechanical units. Grayhill can create custom shaft configurations and switch terminations for orders exceeding 500 units annually.


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