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Optical Fiber Family Maintains Polarization

Superb control over the transmission of polarized light signals as they are guided and managed by opto components is claimed for a new family of optical fibers. The TruePhase family of polarization-maintaining optical fibers come in three versions. The TruePhase 14-Raman fibers are designed specifically for Raman pump lasers used in next-generation, 40-Gbps systems.The TruePhase 1480 is designed for 1480 pump lasers used in erbium-doped fiber amplifiers. With a cutoff of 1,380 to 1,470 nm, this application-specific design is said to ensure optimal performance at 1,480 nm.And the TruePhase 1550 is said to guide light from the coherent source lasers into external modulators. When combined with a phase-sensitive detection system, receiver sensitivity is said to be greatly improved and longer transmission distances permitted. LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES, Norcross, GA. (800) 372-2447.

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