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Optical Fibers Double Capacity Of Each Fiber

Said to more than double the capacity of transoceanic communications systems, the UltraWave family of next-generation optical fibers has what's claimed as the flattest dispersion slope of any submarine fiber to permit more channel capacity per fiber. UltraWave IDF is a new dispersion compensation fiber than has a dispersion slope that mirrors the slope of UltraWave SLA, a fiber with an effective area that is much larger than a standard single mode fiber. The inverse dispersion slope cancels the detrimental effect of dispersion slope across a wide spectrum of wavelengths, enabling a dramatic increase in the number of Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) channels used in ultra long-haul transmission. The initial application of UltraWave SLA and IDF will be in ultra long-haul transoceanic networks where the system impacts are the greatest.

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