Optical-Image-Stabilization IC Built For Smartphone Camera Modules

Optical-Image-Stabilization IC Built For Smartphone Camera Modules

A combination of controller and driver functionality integrated into ON Semiconductor’s LC898111AXB-MH IC handles optical image stabilization (OIS) in smartphone camera modules. Significantly increased shutter speed boosts exposure compensation, leading to precise suppression control of camera shaking. Moreover, it allows for implementation of the Pan/Tilt function that’s crucial for walk-and-take situations. Output of the IC’s integrated pulse-width-modulated (PWM) driver reduces power consumption, and minimizes the effect of noise on image quality. Built-in digital- and analog-signal processing mechanisms include a two-channel position-sensing circuit, a gyro-filter interface circuit (fully compatible in both analog and digital signals), and lens-servo circuit. The latter two are adjustable through I2C and SPI bus interfaces; thus, the device can cover a wider shaking frequency range and offer a more expansive image-stabilization angle. The IC comes in a 2.57- by 3.22- by 0.69-mm, lead-free/halogen-free P48-pin WLP package.


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