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Optical Switch Outfits Solar Trash Compactor

Optical Switch Outfits Solar Trash Compactor

TheOPB810L51 wide gap slotted optical switch finds fruitful employment in BigBelly Solar trash compactors. Functioning as a non-contact sensor, it determines the exact position of the compaction ram. Additional applications include non-contact interruptive object sensing, assembly line and machine automation, equipment security, and machine safety. The component consists of an input diode and output phototransistor and features a 0.375” wide gap. It offers a choice of aperture size, minimum photocurrent, and opaque or IR transmissive shells. Maximum forward current for the input diode is 50 mA with a peak forward current of 3A and reverse voltage of 2V. Collector-emitter voltage for the output phototransistor is 30V, emitter-collector voltage is 5V, and collector current is 30A. Other features include a power dissipation of 100 mW and an operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. Price is $1.73 each/1,000. OPTEK TECHNOLOGY INC., Carrollton, TX. (972) 323-2200.
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