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Oscillators Shine At High Frequencies

Reporting a revolutionary breakthrough in crystal-clock oscillator technology that improves reliability at higher frequencies, the S1614XP and S1613XP families combine the company’s IC technology with SaRonix quartz-crystal design and manufacturing techniques. Both components operate at 2.5V or 3.3V and with LVCMOS clock frequencies from 100 MHz up to 160 MHz. They are housed in hermetically sealed, 5 mm x 7 mm ceramic packages that are footprint compatible with existing clock oscillators. Other shared features include operating frequencies of 100, 106.25, 125, 133, 150, 155.52, and 156.25 MHz, a total stability of better than ±25 ppm over a commercial temperature range or ±50 ppm over industrial operating conditions, a phase-jitter figure of 0.5 psRMS, power consumption of 30 mA, and an output disable function to facilitate in-circuit testing. Prices start around $1.25 each/10,000. For further details, call PERICOM SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., San Jose, CA. (800) 435-2336.


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