Electronic Design

Panel Sealed Rockers Carry TV Ratings

The JWMW and JWLW series debut as the industry’s first molded, IP67 rated panel sealed rocker switches with TV ratings. The smaller JWMW series features a panel cut out of 25 mm x 15.4 mm and is certified for TV-5. It has an electrical capacity of 10A at 125/250 Vac resistive and 10A at 30 Vdc. Larger JWLW devices have a panel cut out of 30.7 mm x 20.5 mm and are TV-8 rated with an electrical capacity of 16A at 125/250 Vac and 5A at 72 Vdc. Both series are rated to IP67 of the IEC60529 standard, which is similar to NEMA 4 and 6. An optional watertight boot is also available. NKK SWITCHES, Scottsdale, AZ. (480) 991-0942.

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