Passive Safety Pole Connector Facilitates Lighting Installation

Passive Safety Pole Connector Facilitates Lighting Installation

Already tried and tested within parts of Europe, Molex’s passive safety pole connector includes safety devices and systems that operate without need for human input or action. The new connector helps applicable systems meet the new European Standard EN12767:2007 (Passive Safety of Support Structures for Road Equipment), which requires that in the event of an accident—say,  a vehicle hitting roadside equipment—the system must disconnect mechanically immediately and electrically within 0.4 seconds of impact.

The passive safety pole connector is fitted with a water-tight cap that’s installed into the main circuit-protection device. This cap, with mechanical and environmental protection (IP68), remains fixed until the connector mates with the pole side connector, which can sometimes be weeks or months later. During this period, this cap can be placed over the connector, thus ensuring the connector is sealed from the elements.


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