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PC-Compatible Portable Printer Prints Labels Continuously

Continuous label printing and PC compatibility are just a few of the upgrades given to the TLS2200 Thermal Labeling System, a portable printer engineered to provide users a complete range of capabilties. The upgrades are designed to benefit the electrical, datacomm and general industrial companies. The printer was developed to meet the challenges involved with label identification in complex applications. It is designed to maintain the portability and ease of use offered by a handheld printer, while providing advanced features such as high-resolution (203 dpi) thermal transfer printing, bar code capability, and a variey of material configurations.Continuous labeling with fixed length and banner printing options has been added to the system, which can print up to 50 characters, on continous labels up to four feet in length. The upgrade kit is provided free for owners of the TLS2200 printer.

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