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Peltier Coolers Eye Fiber-Optic/Sensor Applications

Debuting as one of the company's smallest microchip thermoelectric coolers (TECs), the MPC-D303 series exhibits a cold-side area of 0.98 mm2 and supports a maximum temperature difference (delta T) of over 60 Kelvin (K), making them contenders for laser and photonic sensor applications. With a cooling power up to 100 W/cm2, the components realize temperature changes faster than 180 K/s. Fabricated on silicon wafers via standard semiconductor processes, soldering temperature is 300°C, supporting lead-free solder. Additionally, the components specify a maximum operating temperature of 200°C. Volume prices will be below $10 each. MICROPELT GMBH, Freiburg, Germany +49 (0) 761 156 337 0.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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