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Pen-Shaped Storage Devices Exchange Data Directly With USB-Based Computers

Capable of storing up to 32 MB of data or photo or music files, these new solid-state, pen-sized, flash-based devices are designed to deliver or receive their contents directly from a Universal Serial Bus-equipped computer. Employing the company's DiskOnKey technology, the small storage devices plug directly into a PC's, Mac's or Internet appliance's USB port; neither drivers nor additional hardware or software are needed for operation. Power supplies or batteries are also not needed.
DiskOnKey personal storage devices are compatible with all major operating systems and function as an additional disk drive within the host computer's OS. And by packing their own CPU, they perform as an active device capable, for example, of supporting and running applications such as automatic log-in directly from itself. DiskOnChip products presently come in capacities of 8, 16 and 32 MB, with an 8-MB device costing $69 each. A 64-MB flash storage device is scheduled to reach market in the near future.


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