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Permanent Magnet Sensors Keep Processes In Line

A new family of permanent magnet linear displacement (PLCD) sensors is based on the electromagnetic induction principle, which places a primary winding around a soft magnetic core. As a result, these sensors can help keep various processes in line. This type of linear sensing is used in many types of drives, machinery automation systems, and conveyors. The PLCD sensor can also work for rotary actuator applications. The sensors operate without being mechanically connected to the driving mechanism, enabling them to be actuated through walls made from nonmagnetic materials. The PLCD sensors have a measurement range of 15 to 400 mm, with a sensor magnet gap range of 1 to 20 mm. A 100-mm PLCD sensor costs about $25 to $30.

Tyco Electronics Corp.
www.tycoelectronics.com; (800) 522-6752

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