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Photoelectric Sensors Use Little Space With Unique Housings

The OJ family of sensors incorporate features such as automated setup/calibration and signal strength monitoring in housings that measure 24 mm x 45 mm x 11 mm. The sensors are available with either a visible light or a laser light source and in two configurations that place the lens on the 24 mm x 45 mm surface for front sensing or on the 45 mm x 11 mm surface for side sensing. This feature, coupled with a wide selection of mounting accessories, allows these sensors to be adapted to almost any sensing configuration.
Each sensor has a switching speed of 2 kHz and includes an advanced microprocessor that provides signal processing and analysis capabilities. During installation, a pushbutton calibration procedure allows the device to learn the signal characteristics of both the target and the background. It automatically adjusts its range to provide the maximum safety margin under both the target present and target not present conditions.
This procedure can also be programmed from a remote location when the sensor is not readily accessible. During operation, the sensors also continuously monitor the strength of the received signal and provide a visual warning if marginal conditions exist. Prices are $99 for a thru-beam transmitter and receiver and $75 for a retro and diffuse device.


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