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Photovoltaic Fuses Claim A First

Photovoltaic Fuses Claim A First

Considered to be some kind of feat, Mersen (formerly Ferraz Shawmut) unveils what it calls the industry’s first UL 2579 listed range of dedicated photovoltaic fuses. The HelioProtection fuse line, which includes the HP6M, HP10M, and HP6J, provides over-current protection at the combiner box and inverter levels and covers applications ranging from 1A to 400A, 600 Vdc, and 1 kVdc. Low minimum breaking capacity capabilities of 1.35 times the fuse-rated current value allow for safe circuit interruption under typical low-fault current conditions produced by PV arrays. Mersen, Newburyport, MA. (978) 462-6662.

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