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Piezo Bimorphs Outfit Telecomm Switches

Designed to replace traditional solenoids in certain applications, the company’s piezo bimorphs are targeted for use in telecomm switches where consumption, weight, and speed concerns are critical. The new devices do not create an electric field. In place of a metal inner layer, they rely on a carbon fiber that provides greater deflection and increased force, while improving performance and reliability by 20% to 30%. The components also feature a safety electrode, which guarantees operation in harsh applications. They are available in a range of sizes from 15 mm to 45 mm in length and 2 mm to 15 mm in width, resulting in a maximum deflection of 3 mm (peak-to-peak) and a force of 400 mN. For applications in warm and/or damp locales, an optional humidity coating is available. For more details and pricing, call MORGAN TECHNICAL CERAMICS INC., Fairfield, NJ. (800) 433-0638.


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