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Piezo Speaker Is Ultrathin And Waterproof

Piezo Speaker Is Ultrathin And Waterproof

Invading mobile-product markets is the first ultra-thin waterproof piezoelectric speaker. Measuring 19.5 mm x 14.1 mm and 0.9 mm thick, the speaker achieves IPX7 grade waterproof protection without requiring a waterproof acoustic membrane. According to Murata, the high torque nature of the speaker's piezoelectric motor also makes it viable for operation in small, thin back cavities where dynamic speakers struggle to operate.  Speaker specs include an average sound pressure level of 92 dB ±3 dB and a capacitance of 0.9 µF ±30%. MURATA ELECTRONICS NORTH AMERICA INC., Smyrna, GA. (770) 436-1300.


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