Platinum Elements Enhance CAN Temperature Measurement Module

Platinum Elements Enhance CAN Temperature Measurement Module

Ipetronik’s M-RTD2 Controller Area Network (CAN) module features platinum (Pt) temperature sensing elements. Supporting the four-wire technique, these Pt100 sensors can be used to acquire temperatures between –50°C and 450°C. Each channel can be activated and scaled separately, and the channel sampling rate is adjustable from one measurement per minute to 100 Hz. The sensor’s accuracy at 25°C is ±0.10°C.

The measurement range is digitised using a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). Since the Pt-sensor characteristic curve is exactly proportional only to a partial area, the entire measuring range is linearized via an internal polynomial calculation. An eighth-order Butterworth-Filter with 150 Hz is integrated as hardware filter.

All configuration settings can be made easily using the IPEmotion measurement data acquisition software. The device can be used in the engine compartment, using the vehicle’s 12- or 24-V dc power supply. It consumes no more than 3 W.



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