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Platinum Temperature Sensors Deliver Fast Response

The KN1008 and KN3005 ceramic, wire-wound platinum temperature sensors tout footprints smaller than any other wire-wound element currently available. Platinum sensors generally target applications requiring a wide operating temperature range and high stability. The KN1008 and KN3005 specify diameters of 0.8 mm and 0.5 mm, respectively, which is said to result in response times of less than 0.2s. The elements comply with the IEC 60751 specification. Applications include life science instrumentation, gas chromatography, laboratory freezers and ovens, spectrometers, lasers, chemical processing, power generation, thermoelectric devices, pH sensors, conductivity cells, in vitro diagnostics, digital thermometers, calorimeters, flow sensors, and gas detectors. HERAEUS SENSOR TECHNOLOGY, Brazil. For more details and prices, contact DWM & ASSOCIATES, INC., North Brunswick, NJ. (732) 940-4400.


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