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Point-Matched Thermistors Are Tested For Consistency

Members of the PM series of point-matched negative-temperature-coefficient (NTC) thermistors are precision tested at the specified temperature and tolerance to ensure consistent performance. Users can set the component's response function at a specific temperature point with a choice of tolerance ranges. The thermistors are available in six standard temperature match points: −20°C, 0°C, 25°C, 37°C, 70°C, and 100°C. Additional temperature options are available upon request. Standard tolerance ranges are ±0.25°C, ±0.5°C, ±1°C, ±2°C, ±5°C, and ±10°C. Dissipation constant is 2 mW/°C in still air or 13 mW/°C in stirred oil, with a typical thermal time constant of 0.75 s in stirred oil. Maximum power rating ranges from 30 mW at 25°C to 1 mW at 100°C. The thermistors can be intermittently cycled at temperatures from −50°C to 150°C. A large selection of lead types, lengths, and diameters is available. The PM series thermistors are priced between $0.10 and $1.50 each.

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