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Polypropylene Capacitors Outperform Ceramics

The PGWA series non-inductive, metallized polypropylene capacitors feature capacitance ratings up to 10,000 pF. Their high insulation resistance and low dissipation factor yield better performance than ceramic, polyester, and inductive capacitors. The devices have wrap-and-fill construction and axial-lead terminations. They offer dissipation ratings of less than 0.04%. Pulse rise time measures 600 V/µs. Voltages range to 15 kV dc, and capacitance ratings span from 1500 to 10,000 pF. The PGWA devices have IR ratings better than 30,000 kΩ. Seven values are supplied in standard decade sizes. Custom values and sizes are also available for order. The PGWA capacitors target medical equipment, lasers, high-voltage power supplies, and test instrumentation applications. In large lots, pricing starts at less than $2 each with a six- to eight-week delivery time.

Seacor Inc.
www.seacorinc.com; (800) 662-7322

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