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Popular Cable Family Adds Smaller Members

Extending the Xtra-Guard family of cables are 26 AWG and 28 AWG stranded conductors. The small-gauge cables are available with a variety of conductors and twisted pairs. Shielding options include unshielded, foil and Supra-Shield foil/braid, the company’s proprietary high-performance shielding consisting of a trilaminate foil and tinned copper braid to boost EMC performance. The family currently consists of Xtra-Guard 1 for signal applications, the heavy-duty Xtra-Guard 2 cable offering enhanced resistance to abrasion, mechanical stress, oils, solvents, and fuels, Xtra-Guard 3 outdoor cable, Xtra-Guard 4 cable for high- and low-temperature environments, Xtra-Guard 5 for high-temperature performance, and Xtra-Guard Flex cables for high-flex applications such as motion control. ALPHA WIRE CO., Elizabeth, NJ. (800) 522-5742.


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