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Popular Cooling Component Passes Shock Tests

Popular Cooling Component Passes Shock Tests

The established and noted OptoC HV14 has passed the 3000g shock test as defined in the MIL-STD 883E Method 2002 Mechanical Shock standard. Tests for MIL-STD 883E call for five shock pulses of 3,000g peak with a pulse duration of 0.3 ms in each of the orientations: X1, X2, Y1, Y2, Z1, and Z2. The OptoC modules exhibited less than a 5% change in electrical resistance as a result of the stress testing. The OptoCooler HV14 module is a high-voltage and high-heat pumping thermoelectric device designed to operate at standard electrical power requirements. At 85°C, it operates at a maximum voltage of 2.7V and can pump 1.5W of heat in a footprint of 3 mm². The module can create a maximum temperature differential up to 60°C between its hot and cold sides with a zero heat load. NEXTREME THERMAL SOLUTIONS INC., Durham, NC. (919) 597-7300.


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