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Popular Pressure Sensor Expands Configuration Options

Popular Pressure Sensor Expands Configuration Options

The AST4000 hydraulic pressure sensor has recently taken on more configurations in the form of a three-digit option code for modifying the components to withstand a variety of mechanical, electrical, and environmental challenges. They employ AST’s proprietary Krystal Bond technology, where the pressure port is constructed from a single piece of stainless steel. Special packages are also available to withstand pressure transients common to hydraulic applications. Also available, an internal welded restrictor plug will reduce the inside diameter of the pressure port, dampening pressure spikes in the system before they reach the sensor’s diaphragm. Available with pressure port threads of NPT, SAE, and metric configurations, the AST4000 pressure sensor can be installed in virtually any manifold or system and a variety of output signals are available. AMERICAN SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES INC., Mount Olive, NJ. (973) 448-1901.


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