Electronic Design

Portable Tower Enclosure Facilitates 3U OpenVPX Design

COOL-CC3-6-240x160The COOL-CC3 is a forced-air, conduction-cooled, high-power chassis that supports up to six slots of 3U 1-in. pitch payload OpenVPX cards and rear transition modules (RTMs). The portable enclosure meets ANSI/VITA 65 power and cooling requirements for conduction-cooled 75-W 3U OpenVPX modules. It’s the newest member of Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS) Engineered Packaging group’s Hybricon family of chassis. The COOL-CC3 (and its 6U COOL-CC6 variant) complements the company’s COOL-XC3 and COOL-XC6 development chassis, offering portable development chassis alternatives for higher-power, conduction-cooled, module-based systems. A 160-nm card cage supports CWCDS five- and six-slot OpenVPX backplanes, and an 80-mm RTM card cage meets ANSI/VITA 46.10 and IEEE 1101.11. High-performance fans coupled with the cooling design deliver less than 55°C chassis conduction rail temperature at 30°C. 


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