Position Sensor Brings Chassis Control System Into ISO26262 Compliance

Position Sensor Brings Chassis Control System Into ISO26262 Compliance

AMS’s AS5162, an AEC-Q100-qualified device, allows international automotive supplier Continental to achieve ISO26262 compliance for its CPS series chassis height sensor. The CPS series is used in the latest active chassis control systems to measure the height of a vehicle’s chassis relative to its wheels.

Since active chassis control is a safety-critical system, the CPS series must comply with the ISO26262 functional safety standard. The AS5162 magnetic position sensor accomplishes this goal with its extremely low failure-in-time (FIT) rate—a key measure of reliability defined by the standard. The wafer fabrication processes of AMS also provide for precise analysis of the device’s failure modes.

The AS5162, paired with a simple two-pole magnet, accurately detects angular displacements as fine as 0.09° over a full revolution. Its non-contacting semiconductor technology is immune to stray magnetic fields and, unlike optical or contacting position sensors, will be unaffected by contaminants such as oil, grease, or dirt.
Permitting a flexible range of configurations, the AS5162 also can be used in additional position sensing applications such as headlight range and level controls, as well as for other angle measurements like those required in commercial vehicles (e.g., dump trucks).


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