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Position Sensor Hits The Road

Primed for automotive chores, the Autopad non-contacting position sensor provides absolute-position, 360°-angle, and linear-displacement sensing. Exploiting the company's Autopad technology, the sensor consists of a moveable puck that interacts with a fixed pad containing a series of transmit and receive coils, which generate a specific magnetic field. The puck's movement varies the phase of the magnetic field, allowing it to determine absolute position. Sensor specs include a linearity performance of less than 1%, a resolution of 0.1% at 10 bits, and an input/output rate of 1 kHz. Its output is either analog (ratiometric) or PWM. Other standard automotive BUS protocol interfaces are in the works. Offered as a custom component, price varies depending on the application. OPTEK TECHNOLOGY INC., Carrollton, TX. (972) 323-2200.


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TAGS: Automotive
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