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Position Sensor Packs Programmable Switch Function

Position Sensor Packs Programmable Switch Function

The non-contacting PSC-360 programmable Hall effect magnetic sensor features a switch function uncommon to 360º absolute position sensors. The switching point is programmable at any angle and the component’s low-current switch design incorporates both on and off positions that provide a secondary position verification for improved safety. The PSC-360 also offers high-temperature capabilities with operational performance between -40ºC to +150ºC and accuracy over 360º at 0.5%. The bushing-and panel-mount style sensor features a standard 0.25” D Flat shaft in a package with a 13-mm profile. Designed with a permanent magnet as the only moving component, the sensor provides a mechanical life up to 50-million cycles. Other features include a linearity of ±1% absolute (0.5% upon request), selectable analog (ratiometric), PWM, or serial protocol, up to 14 bit angular resolution, a 40 bit ID number, and self-diagnostics. The PSC-360 is priced under $20 each in production quantities. Piher North America, Libertyville, IL. (847) 918-9300.


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