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Position Sensors Ensure Accurate Elevator Action

Position Sensors Ensure Accurate Elevator Action

The company’s spring-loaded LVDT position sensors, a.k.a., gaging probes, enable the accurate landing of elevator cars, ensuring that both cars and building floors properly align upon arrival. The position sensors measure the difference between the frame and car position.  Depending upon the elevator manufacturer, sensors are mounted either under or above the elevator car. The LVDT position sensors are available with stroke ranges of ±1.25 mm to ±50 mm in both AC and DC input/output configurations. Internal construction consists of a spring-loaded shaft running in a precision sleeve bearing connected to the core of an LVDT. The probe shaft is fully extended by a spring exerting a nominal force of six to 20 ounces depending upon total range. The contact tip supplied is an AGD standard number 9 made from black oxide hardened tool steel. It is fully interchangeable with other 4-48-threaded AGD contact tips. MACRO SENSORS, Pennsauken, NJ. (856) 662-8000.

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