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Position Switches Feature Double Thermoplastic Insulation

Complementing the existing metal actuator versions, the new E100P and E400P series position switches come in double thermoplastic insulation versions with plastic actuators, adding a lower-cost alternative and an additional level of safety in critical applications. The new position switches are effective for use in a wide range of applications including light industrial machines, movement systems in buildings, maintenance, automatic signaling, agricultural and food processing machines, processing and packaging workshops and chemical and mechanical plants among others. A wide variety of actuators encompass direct movement, angular movement and multi-directional movement. These can be combined with an extensive range of contact elements including 1 NC +1 NC snap action, 1 NO + 1 NC slow action, 1NO + 1NC overlapping slow action, 2 NO slow action, 2 NC slow action, 2 NC snap action, 2 NO + 2 NC fast action, 3 NC + 1 NO slow action, 2 NC + 2 NC slow action and 2 NC slow action. Operating speed ranges from 1 mm to 1,500 mm per second, with operating frequency up to 30 operations per minute. Insulation resistance is 100W at 500 Vdc, and dielectric strength is 2,500 Vac at 50/60 Hz for one minute. For more details, call CAMDEN ELECTRONICS LTD, St Albans Hertfordshire, England. +44 (0) 1727 864437.


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