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Positioning Stages Promote High Resolution

Positioning Stages Promote High Resolution

Exploiting moving magnet voice coil technology, H2W’s linear positioning stages deliver resolutions from 50 nanometers, zero cogging, high speed, acceleration to 5g, high repeatability, and long life.  The components mount horizontally or vertically and are suitable for short stroke positioning applications, i.e., medical laboratory, mirror tilt and focusing, laser beam steering, position control, pick-and-place equipment, robotics, testing, and diagnostic probes. They measure 4” x 3.5” x 3.52 and feature a stroke length of ±0.11” from the center of travel home position. Additionally, there are no moving cables or wires as the coil assembly and linear encoder head are stationary.  H2W TECHNOLOGIES, Santa Clarita, CA. (888) 702-0540.

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