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Power Connectors Weed Out High Frequencies

Providing reliable high-frequency attenuation and EMC performance at frequencies beyond 10 GHz, the ACARA power connectors are the fruit of a joint venture between the company and Schaffner EMC. They incorporate a unique feed-though capacitor design that specifies low series inductance, ensuring that the self-resonant frequency is beyond high enough—as frequency increases, the impedance of the capacitor decreases exponentially. Aiding user safety, the female connector’s polarized housing accepts a male connector without a chance for error. Mating similar connectors with different capacitances or operating voltages is virtually impossible via an optional 6-position key. A positive latch and strain relief further enhances safety by preventing accidental un-mating while allowing immediate power disconnect if necessary. The UL/EN-compliant components are available with current ratings of 65A, 100A, 150A, and 250A and capacitance values from 100 to 2,100 nF. ANDERSON POWER PRODUCTS, Sterling, MA. (978) 422-3600


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