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Power Distribution Units Are RoHS Compliant

Committing to compliance with the RoHS directive, the company's efforts over the past two years include implementation of lead-free solder processes and conversion of all of its catalog products designed for use in European markets. A key to its success in this area is a RoHS compliance program consisting of a multi-step process that exceeds industry standards. All materials have supplier declarations of compliance on file. When materials are received, they are initially required to have a RoHS marking on the package. Materials are then inspected and randomly tested via x-ray scanning to find any potential mix-ups and allow for some secondary verification of manufacturer certifications. This step also prevents lead components from entering and contaminating the lead-free manufacturing processes. Material is marked as RoHS and is kept separate until pulled for assembly. The assembled product goes through a final RoHS compliance check before being marked as RoHS and shipped. PULIZZI ENGINEERING INC., Santa Ana, CA. (800) 870-2248.


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