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Power-Efficient Micro-Coolers Chill Photonic And Sensor Applications

The MPC-D40x series of thermoelectric coolers (TECs) delivers hight electrical resistance, excellent efficiency, and low cost for thermal management in photonics and sensor applications. A micro-structuring technology enables TEC production with an electrical resistance of more than 30 ohms on a single square millimeter footprint. Feature sizes of 45 microns can accommodate 50 thermocouples per square millimeter. The TEC, in combination with its controller system, can therefore be driven at an efficiency of 90% and better. The MPC-D40x series can pump over 600 mW with a drive current of 200 mA as required for thermal management of low-power edge emitting lasers or VCSELs. At low drive currents, the power efficiency of the TEC increases. Applications include cooling of lower-power laser diodes and other active or passive devices in the telecommunications, photonics, optoelectronics, and sensors markets. Samples of the MPC-D403 and MPC-D404 micro-coolers are now available. Volume pricing targets $3.00 in quantities of 500,000 units. MICROPELT GMBH, Freiburg, Germany. +49 (0) 761 156 337 0.


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