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Power Entry Module Exceeds Power Limits

Combining an ac inlet, RFI filter and circuit breaker, the EF series, rated up to 20A at 250V, is said to offer advanced functionality and higher power ratings than conventional ac power entry modules, which are typically limited to 15A at 250V UL. The power inlet meets IEC/EN60320-1/C20 and the circuit breaker meets IEC/EN 60934 and UL 1077 (for equipment). The circuit breaker provides manual reset of the circuit and status indication depending on the switch position (I/O). The compact size of the unit saves space over separate parts and allows for better RF situating—space is freed up for alternate placement of noise-generating subsystems and wires. The metal filter casing wraps behind the mounting flange and is secured with screws. The direct electrical contact of the filter to the chassis provides a good, low RF impedance ground path. Convenient 0.250" solder/quick connect terminals are provided for easy wiring to a load. SCHURTER INC., Santa Rosa, CA. (707) 636-6000.


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