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Power-Rated Slide Switches Feature Antistatic Characteristic

The CS series of miniature, power-rated slide switches can withstand 12 kV of electrostatic discharge. The switches come in single- or double-pole configurations and with straight PC terminals. Epoxy-sealed terminals lock out flux and other contaminants. Pin spacing measures 0.185 in. between terminals and 0.189 in. between rows. The devices are available in a two-position, alternate action ON-ON configuration. Or, they can be wired for use as single-throw, ON-OFF slide switches. The contact timing is nonshorting (break-before-make), and the total travel is 2.2 mm. These switches have a power rating of 3 A at 125 V ac. At 500 V dc, the insulation resistance of the switches is rated at 1000 MΩ minimum. The CS12ANW03 costs $1.08 in 1000-piece lots.

NKK Switches www.nkkswitches.com; (480) 998-1435

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