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Power Relays Get Long-Life Ratings

Power Relays Get Long-Life Ratings

Perceived as the highest industry ratings, the normally-open AZ21001 and AZ21501 power relays have received new UL long life ratings. The latest ratings for the 40A power relays are 20A at 240 Vac resistive load for 250,000 cycles and 25A at 277 Vac resistive load for 100,000 cycles. The two relays are also CUR approved with TUV approval pending and have a UL rating of 2HP/SPST and 1.5HP/SPDT at 250 Vac. The AZ21001 relay comes standard with a PCB-mount with quick connect terminals while the AZ21501 relay is PCB mount. Pricing for the AZ21501 series relays starts at $1.22 each/1,000. American Zettler Inc., Aliso Viejo, CA. (949) 831-5000.

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