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Power Rocker Switches Fit Standard Panel Cutouts

A new line of power rocker switches includes 13- by 19-mm, 14- by 28.5-mm, and 25- by 28.5-mm versions. These sizes fit into industry-standard panel cutouts. Most of the switches are rated for 16 A at 125 V ac. They can handle capacitive loads of up to 50 A for 3 ms. The actuation force ranges from 150 to 1250 g, depending upon switch size. Each model has an actuation force range of 400 g. They're rated for a mechanical life exceeding 100,000 cycles. Various options are available within each size, including a range of termination options, illumination, single/double-pole capability, and special markings. The dust-resistant switches are available with secondary rocker colors. A 13- by 19-mm single-pole, single-throw (SPST) switch costs $0.29 each in 25,000-unit lots. Delivery time is approximately eight to 10 weeks.

Tyco Electronics Corp.
www.tycoelectronics.com; (800) 522-6752

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